A love letter to Steam Deck and gaming tech.

This is a solo passion project producing extensive quality videos with in-depth tech analysis, performance optimizations, and all things Steam Deck and gaming tech.

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Deep Dive: Cyberpunk 2077 - FSR2.1 Golden 40

Cyberpunk 2077 finally received FSR2.1! How does it look and run? What are the best settings to achieve the Golden 40? Buckle up, buckaroo.

Tinykin - Steam Deck Performance Review

Tinykin surprised me with its refreshing and captivating gameplay. It even might be my biggest Steam Deck GOTY contender. Here's why!

Vlog 01 - GIVEAWAY, Production Updates & Plans

hose episodes are meant to give you some insights in the current state of my project, plans and more.

Deep Dive: Dying Light 2 - FSR2 Golden 40

In this video I took a closer look on Dying Light 2's new FSR 2.0 update and the differences in visual clarity and its overall performance impact.

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